About GPinfo.nl

Who is this website for?

GPinfo.nl is intended for anyone seeking information in English about the Dutch healthcare system. You can use this website if you want to know:

  • who to call in the case of an emergency
  • more about the Dutch healthcare system
  • for what questions you can see your Dutch GP (huisarts)
  • what to expect from a Dutch GP (huisarts)

Who produces GPinfo.nl?

GPinfo.nl is a production of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG; information in Dutch). The content is created in collaboration with:

  • the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists (FMS)
  • the Dutch Patients Federation (Pati├źntenfederatie Nederland)
  • the Dutch quality alliance for mental healthcare (Akwa GGZ)

How can you contact GPinfo.nl?

If you have any comments on the content of this site, please write to info@thuisarts.nl.